Booking a boat rental with us means you will receive the best in customer service.

To make sure that you get the most from your boat hire we will make arrangements to be the most convenient for you.

We have many years experience of running daily boat services with a large fleet of boats, so you can relax and look to another great day on your holiday.

Our boats are maintained to the highest standards so you will be delighted in their presentation and comfort.

Your private boat rental

We operate a simple boat rental service to provide the best value to you.

Our boats are reliable and spacious for your needs so you can ‘make yourself at home’.

There will be all the fuel you need for your trip and some to spare in case you want to extend your day. Trip plans can be flexible and it’s possible to plan options at the time of booking so you can be confident you will get the most from your day.

Our friendly and skilled boat captain and staff will make sure you are cared for and stay safe throughout every tour.

There are life jackets for everyone on every trip so you can swim and snorkel confidently.

On board is an ice box, fresh fruit and cool soft drinks are available during the day for your refreshment.

We will take care of any special needs or requests that you have, please ask and fully inform us at the time of booking.

There is additional equipment available which can be provided if you request it;

  • fishing tackle
  • prepared food for lunch
  • BBQ and food to cook
  • alcoholic drinks (then no more swimming )

Pick Up and Drop Offcars for transfers from hotel to the private boat

We can arrange transport to and from the boat jetty and your place of accommodation.

For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any other questions or requests please contact us…

Book your private boat rental

Contact us for boat availability, rental options and all the details for your own private boat in Krabi.