Travel through the fantastic Phang Nga Bay by speedboat.

Visit spectacular locations;

  • James Bond Island : Koh Tapu
  • Koh Pingan
  • Koh Panyee : floating village and football pitch

James Bond Island was featured in the 1974 James Bond movie ‘The Man With the Golden Gun‘. The island is a tall column of limestone rising out of Phang Nag bay. Appearing to defy gravity as it’s base is narrower than it’s top.

You can visit Pingan Island where there are some excellent viewpoints to see James Bond Island and photograph your James Bond style selfies.

Also on Pingan Island is a cave under a leaning cliff. It appears that the island has been cut in two and the two halves lean against each other.

In Phang Nga Bay there are many other uninhabited islands and secluded beaches and bays.

Nearby in the mangrove estuary is an old fishing village where the building are built out over the water. Built at the base of Koh Panyee, a large limestone rock, the village has become famous for it’s floating school and football pitch. You can visit the village which has some restaurants and local crafts shops.

Food and Drink

We can supply food, drinks and refreshments to your order. Lunch can be provided on-board or you can eat at Koh Panyee the floating village.

Our captains will take you on a great day of exploration.

Destination Combination

With a private speed boat rental you can do more

Combine James Bond Island & Phang Nga Bay destinations with Hong Island Archipelago..

It’s easy with the best boat rental in Ao Nang.

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